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Southern real estate markets lead the path to recovery post COVID-19

The real estate market in Kerala is fast recouping from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new change brought about by the pandemic increases the liking for branded properties. Today buyers are giving more importance to safety, security, regulations, and no one wants to be misled by words or advertisements. Kerala is standing strong among the global pandemic crisis and this makes it the right time to own property in Kochi, the financial capital of Kerala. Kochi is proving itself to be a preferred investment location due to various reasons. 

A Home in Kerala: A wise decision in a post-pandemic era.

Kerala is standing strong amidst the global pandemic crisis and this makes it the right time to own a home in Kerala. A large number of inquiries are made by non-resident Keralites who are spread across India and over the globe. Because of global uncertainties beyond the control of human beings, many are aspiring to get settled in Kerala. So, they look to buy good property with the savings in their hands. Lack of adequate medical treatment facilities for Covid-19 patients in many countries could also be a factor. Kochi, Kerala’s commercial capital and known for its quality assured villas and apartments, has primarily been an investor’s market. 

The return of Keralites to the state since the semi-annual period the biggest reverse migration in recent times has proved to be an unusual benefactor to the real estate sector, which has seen a spike in sales of high-end homes despite the covid-19 crisis. Both migration and reverse migration are factors that have boosted real estate in Kerala.

The Coronavirus crisis created an investment opportunity for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in Kerala realty sector since USA and Europe were severely hit by the pandemic, adversely impacting opportunities in those regions. This upped the ante for Kerala markets as ex-pats increased their focus on investments in the real estate market back home. 

Amid the current safety risks, traditional real estate practices have become a tightrope to walk as real estate developers are trying to balance financial responsibilities with safety measures to protect employees and buyers from the COVID-19 infection. The measures include maintenance of strict hygiene rules inside the premises, social distancing, and even canceling potentially crowded events. Opportunities are flooding into Kerala, as the Indian state is showing positive signs of recovery from the Coronavirus onslaught. Kochi is the hub of investments in Kerala as it is the perfectly modulated economic zone. Many elderly citizens living outside Kerala are keen to return to the city for peaceful retirement life. Kochi is going to become one of the next highly preferred real estate destinations in India.

Reasons Why Kochi Will Be India’s Next Real Estate Hotspot

       New international airport terminal to cater growing demand.

       Metro Rail

       The premier port gateway to South India.

       Tourism growth

       Inclusion in the top 20 Smart Cities.

       Better healthcare facilities.

       Long-term wealth and peace of mind

All potential drivers such as IT development for employment generation, Metro rail for intra-city connectivity, the Smart City tag for basic infrastructure, port-based development for industry and commercial growth, airport terminal for international connectivity, and foreign investment and tourism for the hospitality industry are emphasized in Kochi. So In short, Kochi which was earlier struggling to recover from an oversupply scenario will see a massive revival due to the creation of demand from these initiatives. Sustainable growth in real estate prices is now assured in the city, and this has incited new interests from numerous real estate developers from all over India who are keen to launch residential, commercial, and hospitality projects. Hence, if you are a prospective investor in Kochi, do not hold back. The upcoming development in the city assures good returns for any investor with a long term vision.


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