Tips to Conserve Water in Your Apartments

save water in your Luxury apartments

Water is one of the most  essential substance in our everyday lives. The scarcity of water can lead to the imbalance in environmental life cycle.

You can follow these simple things  to easily save water in your apartment or flat.

  1. Shut off the taps when you brush your teeth.
  2. If you Place a cistern displacement device in  toilet cistern, definitely it will save the amount of water in each flush. Cistern displacement device will get from your water provider.
  3. Use a shorter shower, helps to reduse water usage.
  4. Frequently check any leaks in your  faucets, toilet, water hose bibs and fix them.
  5. If you use full loads in dishwasher and washing machine – this prevent unwanted washes in between.
  6. Water your garden in the early morning and late afternoon will helps to reduce evaporation and  thus save water.
  7. Install a water meter in you apartment.
  8. When you want to replace household items, buy water-efficient taps, washing machines, dish waters,  shower heads, etc.
  9. If  you’re building a new house, or re-doing the plumbing in your apartment, install a grey water system.
  10. Grey water system helps you to re-use the water from your washing machine, sinks, and dishwasher, and for flushing toilets and for watering plants .

Wash fruits and  vegetables in a bowl, not under the tap. If you collect leftover drinking water and water used to rinse vegetables, you can utilize this recycled water to watering your plants .

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