Taking Care of Your Laptop

taking care of laptop

We all use a laptop today. Right ? Years back a laptop was a dream come true. For many of usĀ  laptop is our livelihood. So laptop must be used much carefully and good care is to be given to it. By the term care, we mean not only rubbing off the dust but also caring everything associated with it. A laptop which is maintained properly can last up for many years.

Kent constructions presents you with some useful tips for taking care of your laptop.

  1. When you feel that the keys of your laptop are hard to press it means you need a laptop cleaning kit. The cleaning kit includes a brush, cleaning liquid, and a fiber cloth.The instruction for its use can be found on the kit. Use it accordingly. This will take care of the exterior part of the laptop.
  2. For the interior part you need to take a backup of the data you have stored on the laptop to an external hard disk or a flash drive. Delete unnecessary files. Empty the recycle bin. Uninstall the programs that you are not using. Install an antivirus on your computer and keep it updated to protect against viruses. Once in a year go to an authorized service centers for cleaning the internal units such as motherboard, ram etc.
  3. If you are having a new laptop or a new laptop battery make sure you caharge it for 8 hours continuously. For the first three times do a complete charging and complete discharging. This can make your battery life last longer.
  4. You need a good carrying case for your laptop. This will help in times of your travelling times.Make sure the carrying case or the bag is of good quality with good padding to protect your latop.
  5. keep drinks and foods away from your laptop. A small carelessness from your side can ruinĀ  your laptop. If the liquid split on the motherboard or other internal parts it can cause serious damage.
  6. Dont keep your laptop on bed or other similar surfaces. Always keep it on a flat surface.By doing this you can maintain the correct air circulation of the laptop.
  7. Before closing your laptop make sure that there is nothing on the keyborard which can damage your display. Always keep the laptop away from extreme tempratures.


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