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Breathe Fresh Air with House Plants in Your Apartment

Today one of the most precious thing in this universe is fresh air.Here in kochi we live in the middle of pollutants. You can add some house plants in your apartment that will freshen up the air as well as give a good look to the apartment.

The air you breathe in

The air we breathe in contains toxins such as xylene, which is an ingredient in glues, tobacco smoke, furniture wax and paints; formaldehyde, which is contained in foam insulation, synthetic fabrics, wood products. And much more are there. These toxins are getting caught in our system when we breath in.

A Little help  from potted plants

It has been found that the plants have the ability to balance humidity and also they can purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other toxins. These plants are not much expensive. They can be a life saver for you.

Some air freshing  houseplants

Orchids help in releasing oxygen at night and also in removing xylene from air. This makes them a good bedroom plant. They also looks good in your apartments. They are easily found in your local shops.

They help in filtering out benzene and formaldehyde from the air you breathe in. They are red in colour and are suitable for most of the apartments.

Peace lily
This one is a heavy hitter. They also help in filtering out benzene and formaldehyde from the fresh air.They are also easy to take care of and much pretty looking.

Spider plant
They are fast growing plants with long and grassy leaves. They are famous for removing xylene and formaldehyde from the air and keeps the air clean. They are mostly placed near the fire place or where ever the possibility of carbon monoxide is high.

Gerbera daisies
These flowers are best in removing benzene and trichloro ethylene which is a dry cleaning solution from air. These plants needs lot of light and they are kept usually in laundry room or the bedroom.

Taking Care of Your Laptop

taking care of laptop

We all use a laptop today. Right ? Years back a laptop was a dream come true. For many of us  laptop is our livelihood. So laptop must be used much carefully and good care is to be given to it. By the term care, we mean not only rubbing off the dust but also caring everything associated with it. A laptop which is maintained properly can last up for many years.

Kent constructions presents you with some useful tips for taking care of your laptop.

  1. When you feel that the keys of your laptop are hard to press it means you need a laptop cleaning kit. The cleaning kit includes a brush, cleaning liquid, and a fiber cloth.The instruction for its use can be found on the kit. Use it accordingly. This will take care of the exterior part of the laptop.
  2. For the interior part you need to take a backup of the data you have stored on the laptop to an external hard disk or a flash drive. Delete unnecessary files. Empty the recycle bin. Uninstall the programs that you are not using. Install an antivirus on your computer and keep it updated to protect against viruses. Once in a year go to an authorized service centers for cleaning the internal units such as motherboard, ram etc.
  3. If you are having a new laptop or a new laptop battery make sure you caharge it for 8 hours continuously. For the first three times do a complete charging and complete discharging. This can make your battery life last longer.
  4. You need a good carrying case for your laptop. This will help in times of your travelling times.Make sure the carrying case or the bag is of good quality with good padding to protect your latop.
  5. keep drinks and foods away from your laptop. A small carelessness from your side can ruin  your laptop. If the liquid split on the motherboard or other internal parts it can cause serious damage.
  6. Dont keep your laptop on bed or other similar surfaces. Always keep it on a flat surface.By doing this you can maintain the correct air circulation of the laptop.
  7. Before closing your laptop make sure that there is nothing on the keyborard which can damage your display. Always keep the laptop away from extreme tempratures.


Tips to Conserve Water in Your Apartments

save water in your Luxury apartments

Water is one of the most  essential substance in our everyday lives. The scarcity of water can lead to the imbalance in environmental life cycle.

You can follow these simple things  to easily save water in your apartment or flat.

  1. Shut off the taps when you brush your teeth.
  2. If you Place a cistern displacement device in  toilet cistern, definitely it will save the amount of water in each flush. Cistern displacement device will get from your water provider.
  3. Use a shorter shower, helps to reduse water usage.
  4. Frequently check any leaks in your  faucets, toilet, water hose bibs and fix them.
  5. If you use full loads in dishwasher and washing machine – this prevent unwanted washes in between.
  6. Water your garden in the early morning and late afternoon will helps to reduce evaporation and  thus save water.
  7. Install a water meter in you apartment.
  8. When you want to replace household items, buy water-efficient taps, washing machines, dish waters,  shower heads, etc.
  9. If  you’re building a new house, or re-doing the plumbing in your apartment, install a grey water system.
  10. Grey water system helps you to re-use the water from your washing machine, sinks, and dishwasher, and for flushing toilets and for watering plants .

Wash fruits and  vegetables in a bowl, not under the tap. If you collect leftover drinking water and water used to rinse vegetables, you can utilize this recycled water to watering your plants .

Mindblowing tips for saving Electricity in Apartments

Tips  for saving energy apartments
Energy resources are  running out like a rabbit. We cant think  of a situation having no electricity. Today in India price of electricity keeps on increasing. This happens because the production is not meeting up with the demand. So every one of us have the right to save it for the future. So we can see some of the ways by which we can save it from where we live.

Air Conditioner

Always try to use fans when in summer days rather than the A/C. If you cant withstand the heat you can use it, but make sure that its in the lower settings. Be sure to turn of the air conditioner when not using it or when you leave your apartment. These air conditioner take up a lot of electricity than any other electronic items.


After use you can turn the lights off. By using CFL lamps you can save much power. They are more energy-efficient than regular bulbs. Energy efficient  fluorescent tubes can be an efficient way to light your workshop or playroom.


When choosing appliances for your apartment make sure they are energy-efficient appliances. They will carry 5 star rating with them. Make sure to turn of the iron box and other high energy taking applications.
While considering the refrigerators make sure that the freezer is full.It uses less energy than an empty freezer.