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Ever locked out of your apartments ???

locked out form apartment

Ever locked out of your apartments ???

Have you ever lost your apartment keys ? Do you ever get locked out of your apartments accidentally and your spare keys are not to be found. And where is your spare keys anyway ! Its somewhere in the drawer which is inside your apartment.

What will you do in this type of situations ?
You could not just breach in to your apartment right ! This things can happen in your life. So we can take some precautions about that.

We give you some prevention tips where in you could save yourself.

  •  You can decide a family member or your best friend to hold the spare keys for you. Always remember that this person has access to your world when you are out. So please fix someone who  you really really trust. Another thing is that this person should reside close to your apartment.


  • You should never ever leave your spare keys under the mat or in your flower pot outside the apartment. These days the criminals are so smart. and its easily guessable.


  • You can always hide your key inside your phones cover if there is space available. Its a safe place.


  •  You can  hide your spare keys in your car. Actually its the safest place of all. But always remember to take your car keys.


9 Mistakes Made by Renters After Moving to an Apartment

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If your living arrangements are not permanent you can save your money by just renting an apartment. So what’s next after  you move your boxes to your new apartment. So do you double check that you are getting the best renting experience ? So you could start by just avoiding these common mistakes that people do.

1. Security

Even though you are not the owner of the apartment , the things inside is your own belongings including you. So you got to make sure that all are safe. The first and foremost thing is always lock the doors and also secure  your windows. So you  could just ask your owner to install a peephole so that you could see who is on the door.

2.Over Decoration

You just cant tell how long you will stay in that apartment you just rented. Just don’t over decorate the place . You might never know when you will leave the place. The more thing you do the more you need to box it out.

3.Avoid Permanent Changes

Drilling holes, Painting walls etc are considered to be permanent. So you got to ask permission to do so. These changes cannot be undone. So be careful while you are doing these things.

4.Be Careful

Since you are not the owner of the  apartment you just cant be careless. Treat the apartment like yours. If you drop some stain on the carpet or on the wall it will stay there for long. So Make sure that you are careful.

5.Repair Damages

What will you do if you get a small crack on the window. Will you avoid it ? Yes. Will you avoid it if its your apartment? no !!!. That’s it. Even the little damage can cause you problems in the future.Always remember the proverb-”A stitch in time saves nine !!!”
6. Not Getting Renter’s Insurance

Do you insure your car and your health ?? If so why not for renter’s insurance. Most people don’t care to do it unless its too late.
7.Regular Cleaning
Clean you apartments from time to time. This is very much important and shouldn’t be missed out. Regular cleaning can save you from many diseases for you and your children. So find some time for doing the same.

8.Notify Problems to Owner
Don’t forget to notify the problems in your apartments to the owner. So a simple problem can lead you to a bigger one if you don’t do that in time.

9. Wasting Money on Utilities
So if  you don’t pay attention on wasting money on utilities its a big problem. You are just washing out your hardly earned money. Switch off your bulbs ,fan and air conditioners after use. It could save you from some bills. Energy is so precious so always save energy.

Cheers…. Happy Living  :)