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Moving To A New Apartment in Kochi

Moving to a new apartment in kochi


Shifting to a new apartment is not at all a small task. It involves many process which must be handled carefully. Its time consuming and sometimes its worth paying someone else to do the lifting for you.

If you are planning to hire a professional movers, they can do more or even the full task by themselves. You don’t need to worry about anything rather than the cost. A professional moving company can do the task for you in a marvelous way.

The moving cost is calculated depending on many factors. The number of things you move, how far away you are moving and also how much you want them to move. Only after this details are given they can estimate the price for you.

Here we are recommending three options for you

  • Pack it yourself, rent truck separately and hire the movers to do the hauling for you.
  • Pack it yourself and let the moving company to do the rest for you
  • Let the moving company to do all the things for you

Here you can find some moving companies in Kochi


Protect Your wifi in your Apartment

protect wifi in apartments

In today’s world we all need internet to move on. So the purpose of wireless internet is to deliver us the most luxurious facility of accessing internet. We can now access the world at the tip our fingers. So if we go to our friends apartment we would first ask if there is a  WiFi or not. Right ?

So what happens if an unauthorized person connects to our WiFi in our apartment and uses it. The results could be devastating. Here are some steps in which you could protect your WiFi from public access.

Keep Your password Strong

Always keep sure to make WiFi protected with password. Don’t ever put easy guessing passwords like your phone number.If you have put your phone number please do change it.
How To Know if Someone is using your WiFi
We could easily find this out easily by paying close attention to how the WiFi performs. Did you see a frequent change  in the internet speed in your lap or mobile. Are they at a specific time in day or night ?
If your answer is yes .. Then you can confirm that your WiFi is being used by someone..
What should you do ?

If you know something about computers and WiFi modems you can login to you modem page from browser(you can get it form modem manuals). Check for any other device is connected to your WiFi network .
There are other options like making your WiFi hidden.. Or you can just set specific mac address for you WiFi to accept connection. If you are unfamiliar with these you can always contact your internet service provider for professional help.
What if others use your internet

If you internet is limited an unauthorized use can lead to high bill payments. Even if its not a limited connection the your neighbor could use it for doing any unlawful activity. So if a problem arise due to that it will initially be tracked back to  whom the wireless connection is registered to – It will be you!