Preparing Your Apartments For Summer


Of the four temperate seasons , summer is the warmest of them. It fall between spring and autumn. Its the hottest season of them. Since its hot you cant change the weather, but you can prepare your apartment so that the summer wont bother you much.

Inspect your Air Conditioners


In cold seasons you don’t mind them right, they are sitting lazily without working for months. But before its summer you need to check if its working or not. Check if it makes weird noise or if it can blow out cold air correctly. If it has problem immediately call the maintenance crew to fix it up.

Check Your Insulation for windows and doors

Many people think of insulation in winter season. Its equally important to do that for summer season too. There must be cool air inside and hot air outside to keep you comfortable. If you find the insulation is not correct you can call the maintenance department to fix it. You can hang curtains to keep direct sunlight from entering your apartment. You can also use blinds for the same .

Rotation of ceiling fan

For cooling a room the ceiling fan should rotate in counterclockwise direction. This will help the air to move downwards. Creating a wind chill effect will make you feel almost four degrees cooler than the room normally is. If you don’t have a ceiling fan you must definitely get one of them.

Have Plenty of Ice

You need to keep plenty of ice on hand for the summer. You can use your refrigerator to make ice in the old fashion way or you can use your automatic ice maker of your fridge. Drinking an ice cold drink can cool down your body temperature.

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