Mindblowing tips for saving Electricity in Apartments

Tips  for saving energy apartments
Energy resources are  running out like a rabbit. We cant think  of a situation having no electricity. Today in India price of electricity keeps on increasing. This happens because the production is not meeting up with the demand. So every one of us have the right to save it for the future. So we can see some of the ways by which we can save it from where we live.

Air Conditioner

Always try to use fans when in summer days rather than the A/C. If you cant withstand the heat you can use it, but make sure that its in the lower settings. Be sure to turn of the air conditioner when not using it or when you leave your apartment. These air conditioner take up a lot of electricity than any other electronic items.


After use you can turn the lights off. By using CFL lamps you can save much power. They are more energy-efficient than regular bulbs. Energy efficient  fluorescent tubes can be an efficient way to light your workshop or playroom.


When choosing appliances for your apartment make sure they are energy-efficient appliances. They will carry 5 star rating with them. Make sure to turn of the iron box and other high energy taking applications.
While considering the refrigerators make sure that the freezer is full.It uses less energy than an empty freezer.

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