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How to make good neighbors

To have a good neighbor is equal to being a good neighbor yourself. A good neighbor is one who comes in at the most times of you. Here are some tips in which you can make a good friendship with your neighbors.

Be a Communicator

To make any relation start you need a good communication.Some of are not good in communications with people but its really a must do for building a good neighbor.
First of all you need to introduce yourself. Go to them and say a “hello” when you see them. You may get a new friend by this friendly communication.

Be Social

By becoming social with them is another way of becoming a good neighbor. Prepare some food for them. Invite them to your apartment and have food together with them. This is a great way of getting close to each other.

Be protective

By helping your neighbor at the time of needs is an another way of understanding your neighbor. Be caring and protective for them. Being so can get the same in return. They also will care to protect you. Showing your care about their space can also get in return this favor. So that you could go out of your apartment safely.

Show respect

Show the respect for your neighbors. All love their space and time. Don’t go out and disturb neighbors with huge noise and loud late night parties. Don’t make the outdoor places or any shared places dirty if  you are putting parties which can cause disturbance to your neighbors.

Be helpful

Go help your neighbors in a while. Help them in their needy situations. Find some time to hangout with them.By doing so they will be more attached for you.