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Tips to Conserve Water in Your Apartments

save water in your Luxury apartments

Water is one of the most  essential substance in our everyday lives. The scarcity of water can lead to the imbalance in environmental life cycle.

You can follow these simple things  to easily save water in your apartment or flat.

  1. Shut off the taps when you brush your teeth.
  2. If you Place a cistern displacement device in  toilet cistern, definitely it will save the amount of water in each flush. Cistern displacement device will get from your water provider.
  3. Use a shorter shower, helps to reduse water usage.
  4. Frequently check any leaks in your  faucets, toilet, water hose bibs and fix them.
  5. If you use full loads in dishwasher and washing machine – this prevent unwanted washes in between.
  6. Water your garden in the early morning and late afternoon will helps to reduce evaporation and  thus save water.
  7. Install a water meter in you apartment.
  8. When you want to replace household items, buy water-efficient taps, washing machines, dish waters,  shower heads, etc.
  9. If  you’re building a new house, or re-doing the plumbing in your apartment, install a grey water system.
  10. Grey water system helps you to re-use the water from your washing machine, sinks, and dishwasher, and for flushing toilets and for watering plants .

Wash fruits and  vegetables in a bowl, not under the tap. If you collect leftover drinking water and water used to rinse vegetables, you can utilize this recycled water to watering your plants .

Repainting your Apartment

People like to see their home or apartments interiors in good colors. There are many ways in which you could do this. Kochi is a place where you could fond beautifully colored apartments and villas. So let us share tips to paint or repaint villas or apartments in an effective way.
The division of colours is mainly into primary, secondary, cold, warm, neutral, plate and strong

Usage of Primary Colors

The primary colours are Red, Blue and Yellow (RBG). They are much capable of reflecting strenth and brightness.The red colour is preffered for a stable person compared to an unstable person because it deepens respiration which cause headache. For a living room or kitchen you could use intense shades of red colour.
The yellow colour can improve concentration, alertness and explore your thinking power. Lobbys and corridors could be painted by various shades of yellow colours.
The Blue clour  and its different shades could be used in bedrooms. It makes our mind pleasent.

Usage of Secondary Colors

The colours which are made by the mixing of two or more primary colours are called secondary colours. Yellow and Red are mixed together to form orange colour which is suitable for painting the halls and living rooms.

Warm and cold colors

Red, Yellow, Brown, Orange contribute to warm colors.
Blue, Purple, Green  Contribute to cold colors.
The color green provides a positive effect to our mind. It can help us reduce our depression.

Kent Baywatch- Luxury Apartment in Kochi

apartments in kochi


Kent brings you yet another luxury  apartment in kochi , “The Kent Baywatch Suites” available for short-term and long-term stays. Kent  Baywatch is lavish and affordable choice for leisure and business class including families and groups. The benefits of a hotel like in-room service-on-call ,24 hour front desk, entertainment facilities , delicious cuisines will be available for the new kent Baywatch suites.

Baywatch brings watery realms of endless possibilities – boating,swimming,fishing,backwater cruising and other boat related activities.The boat jetty is not only for curious sailors. Kent’s aim is to provide an awesome  boating environment for the residents. The boat jetty can also be use for fishing, relaxation, private boat parking or moorings.

Protect Your wifi in your Apartment

protect wifi in apartments

In today’s world we all need internet to move on. So the purpose of wireless internet is to deliver us the most luxurious facility of accessing internet. We can now access the world at the tip our fingers. So if we go to our friends apartment we would first ask if there is a  WiFi or not. Right ?

So what happens if an unauthorized person connects to our WiFi in our apartment and uses it. The results could be devastating. Here are some steps in which you could protect your WiFi from public access.

Keep Your password Strong

Always keep sure to make WiFi protected with password. Don’t ever put easy guessing passwords like your phone number.If you have put your phone number please do change it.
How To Know if Someone is using your WiFi
We could easily find this out easily by paying close attention to how the WiFi performs. Did you see a frequent change  in the internet speed in your lap or mobile. Are they at a specific time in day or night ?
If your answer is yes .. Then you can confirm that your WiFi is being used by someone..
What should you do ?

If you know something about computers and WiFi modems you can login to you modem page from browser(you can get it form modem manuals). Check for any other device is connected to your WiFi network .
There are other options like making your WiFi hidden.. Or you can just set specific mac address for you WiFi to accept connection. If you are unfamiliar with these you can always contact your internet service provider for professional help.
What if others use your internet

If you internet is limited an unauthorized use can lead to high bill payments. Even if its not a limited connection the your neighbor could use it for doing any unlawful activity. So if a problem arise due to that it will initially be tracked back to  whom the wireless connection is registered to – It will be you!

Mindblowing tips for saving Electricity in Apartments

Tips  for saving energy apartments
Energy resources are  running out like a rabbit. We cant think  of a situation having no electricity. Today in India price of electricity keeps on increasing. This happens because the production is not meeting up with the demand. So every one of us have the right to save it for the future. So we can see some of the ways by which we can save it from where we live.

Air Conditioner

Always try to use fans when in summer days rather than the A/C. If you cant withstand the heat you can use it, but make sure that its in the lower settings. Be sure to turn of the air conditioner when not using it or when you leave your apartment. These air conditioner take up a lot of electricity than any other electronic items.


After use you can turn the lights off. By using CFL lamps you can save much power. They are more energy-efficient than regular bulbs. Energy efficient  fluorescent tubes can be an efficient way to light your workshop or playroom.


When choosing appliances for your apartment make sure they are energy-efficient appliances. They will carry 5 star rating with them. Make sure to turn of the iron box and other high energy taking applications.
While considering the refrigerators make sure that the freezer is full.It uses less energy than an empty freezer.

What all you need to know before you buy apartments in kochi

luxury apartment in kochi
In this fast growing world its not easily possible for one to make his own house. So it may lead to buy an apartment for this reason. But in cities like kochi its much harder to find one. Its much difficult to get an apartment in kochi. Some of these factors might help you to get an apartment which is really worth it.

Daily Transportation

The first one is the transportation facility. Its really important to to have a transportation facility available near where you are staying.This is important for your day to day life. If you need to go for work or for any other reason the transportation comes as a major factor.Believe me its a big factor.

Safety and Insurance

Next among them is the safety of your apartment. If you find the transportation facility apt for you you can move on checking the safety of your apartments. Make sure that the apartment is protected against fire. Make Sure that they have all the security systems(smoke detectors,emergency exit,fire extinguishers..etc). Make sure  the apartment is insured and do check the terms and conditions.

Telephone and internet

Make Sure that the flat has sufficient telephone lines to manage phone and internet service. Make sure that the modem as well as the television are working fine.

Location and neighborhood

Apartments location is also a major factor . The apartment should be near your working place or your children’s school.Check for the neighborhood for calm and peace living.

Pricing and size

Consider your budget. Make sure that the apartment falls in your budget and is affordable. Also make sure that the size of apartment meets your requirement for present and future.



Kent Gopuram-Luxury Flat in Kochi

Luxury Flats kochi

The term  “Gopuram” or “Gopura“(singular) is actually a monumental tower at the entrance of any temple which is mainly seem in southern India. They are built in the form of Dravidian style.

Kent construction present to you a luxury flat atb Gopuram. kent Gopuram  is a 10-storey complex that offers you state of the art 3 bedroom moat beautiful apartments. When you are inside you feel like a King. With imposing interiors,natural lightng and superior air-circulation , you will feel 10 feet tall !!

Common Amenities

> Swimming pool with baby pool
> Sauna and Jacuzzi
> Clubhouse
> Mini convention center
> Barbeque counter
> Children’s play area
> Basketball half court
> Shuttle court
> Advanced multi gym
> Billiards room, Table tennis and Card room
>Elegant lobby

To See the photo gallery Click The Link Below..
Kent Gopuram

Kent Illam- Luxury Apartment Kochi


luxury apartment


kent Illam is set in 3 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens. Its one among the masterpiece work by kent constructions.  Kent Illam is having  more than 60 traditional apartments in blocks as well as several villas inspired by traditional illams. The home will range in size from a spacious 1800 sq.ft. to a palatial 3000 sq.ft. These beautiful traditional luxury  apartments are not confined and boxy like conventional ones. In fact you will feel as though you are in a villa with superior air circulation, natural lighting and fresh air.
The common amenities which can be seen in our Illam are

  1.  Swimming pool with baby pool
  2.  Sauna and Jacuzzi
  3.  Clubhouse
  4.  Mini convention centre
  5.  Barbeque counter
  6.  Children’s play area
  7.  Basketball half court
  8.  Shuttle court
  9.  Advanced multi gym
  10.  Billiards room, Table tennis and Card room
  11.   Elegant lobby

To view our ILLAM in detail as a 360 view you can click the below link

Kent Illam – Luxury Apartment