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How to make good neighbors

To have a good neighbor is equal to being a good neighbor yourself. A good neighbor is one who comes in at the most times of you. Here are some tips in which you can make a good friendship with your neighbors.

Be a Communicator

To make any relation start you need a good communication.Some of are not good in communications with people but its really a must do for building a good neighbor.
First of all you need to introduce yourself. Go to them and say a “hello” when you see them. You may get a new friend by this friendly communication.

Be Social

By becoming social with them is another way of becoming a good neighbor. Prepare some food for them. Invite them to your apartment and have food together with them. This is a great way of getting close to each other.

Be protective

By helping your neighbor at the time of needs is an another way of understanding your neighbor. Be caring and protective for them. Being so can get the same in return. They also will care to protect you. Showing your care about their space can also get in return this favor. So that you could go out of your apartment safely.

Show respect

Show the respect for your neighbors. All love their space and time. Don’t go out and disturb neighbors with huge noise and loud late night parties. Don’t make the outdoor places or any shared places dirty if  you are putting parties which can cause disturbance to your neighbors.

Be helpful

Go help your neighbors in a while. Help them in their needy situations. Find some time to hangout with them.By doing so they will be more attached for you.

Kent mobile apps availabe on android and ios

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Kent constructions presents you with apps that are suitable for android and ios based mobile devices. You can download them form  apple app store and android playstore.

Some Features of this app are

  •     project listing, filter by category, filter by location
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  •     interactive Google map for all projects and individual ones
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Breathe Fresh Air with House Plants in Your Apartment

Today one of the most precious thing in this universe is fresh air.Here in kochi we live in the middle of pollutants. You can add some house plants in your apartment that will freshen up the air as well as give a good look to the apartment.

The air you breathe in

The air we breathe in contains toxins such as xylene, which is an ingredient in glues, tobacco smoke, furniture wax and paints; formaldehyde, which is contained in foam insulation, synthetic fabrics, wood products. And much more are there. These toxins are getting caught in our system when we breath in.

A Little help  from potted plants

It has been found that the plants have the ability to balance humidity and also they can purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and other toxins. These plants are not much expensive. They can be a life saver for you.

Some air freshing  houseplants

Orchids help in releasing oxygen at night and also in removing xylene from air. This makes them a good bedroom plant. They also looks good in your apartments. They are easily found in your local shops.

They help in filtering out benzene and formaldehyde from the air you breathe in. They are red in colour and are suitable for most of the apartments.

Peace lily
This one is a heavy hitter. They also help in filtering out benzene and formaldehyde from the fresh air.They are also easy to take care of and much pretty looking.

Spider plant
They are fast growing plants with long and grassy leaves. They are famous for removing xylene and formaldehyde from the air and keeps the air clean. They are mostly placed near the fire place or where ever the possibility of carbon monoxide is high.

Gerbera daisies
These flowers are best in removing benzene and trichloro ethylene which is a dry cleaning solution from air. These plants needs lot of light and they are kept usually in laundry room or the bedroom.

Taking Care of Your Laptop

taking care of laptop

We all use a laptop today. Right ? Years back a laptop was a dream come true. For many of us  laptop is our livelihood. So laptop must be used much carefully and good care is to be given to it. By the term care, we mean not only rubbing off the dust but also caring everything associated with it. A laptop which is maintained properly can last up for many years.

Kent constructions presents you with some useful tips for taking care of your laptop.

  1. When you feel that the keys of your laptop are hard to press it means you need a laptop cleaning kit. The cleaning kit includes a brush, cleaning liquid, and a fiber cloth.The instruction for its use can be found on the kit. Use it accordingly. This will take care of the exterior part of the laptop.
  2. For the interior part you need to take a backup of the data you have stored on the laptop to an external hard disk or a flash drive. Delete unnecessary files. Empty the recycle bin. Uninstall the programs that you are not using. Install an antivirus on your computer and keep it updated to protect against viruses. Once in a year go to an authorized service centers for cleaning the internal units such as motherboard, ram etc.
  3. If you are having a new laptop or a new laptop battery make sure you caharge it for 8 hours continuously. For the first three times do a complete charging and complete discharging. This can make your battery life last longer.
  4. You need a good carrying case for your laptop. This will help in times of your travelling times.Make sure the carrying case or the bag is of good quality with good padding to protect your latop.
  5. keep drinks and foods away from your laptop. A small carelessness from your side can ruin  your laptop. If the liquid split on the motherboard or other internal parts it can cause serious damage.
  6. Dont keep your laptop on bed or other similar surfaces. Always keep it on a flat surface.By doing this you can maintain the correct air circulation of the laptop.
  7. Before closing your laptop make sure that there is nothing on the keyborard which can damage your display. Always keep the laptop away from extreme tempratures.


Ever locked out of your apartments ???

locked out form apartment

Ever locked out of your apartments ???

Have you ever lost your apartment keys ? Do you ever get locked out of your apartments accidentally and your spare keys are not to be found. And where is your spare keys anyway ! Its somewhere in the drawer which is inside your apartment.

What will you do in this type of situations ?
You could not just breach in to your apartment right ! This things can happen in your life. So we can take some precautions about that.

We give you some prevention tips where in you could save yourself.

  •  You can decide a family member or your best friend to hold the spare keys for you. Always remember that this person has access to your world when you are out. So please fix someone who  you really really trust. Another thing is that this person should reside close to your apartment.


  • You should never ever leave your spare keys under the mat or in your flower pot outside the apartment. These days the criminals are so smart. and its easily guessable.


  • You can always hide your key inside your phones cover if there is space available. Its a safe place.


  •  You can  hide your spare keys in your car. Actually its the safest place of all. But always remember to take your car keys.


Demand for 3 BHK Apartments

apartments in kochi
Today, most of us love to have a flat or apartment which is having more than two rooms. This demand leads to the choice of a 3BHK apartment. This Extra bedroom can be used for guest or even the family members.

The main reason why people prefer  3BHK apartments in kochi is the small difference in price range. Here in kochi people are always ready to invest a bit more for a 3BHK apartmemnts. In cities like kochi, the growth in IT field as well as other field has made other people to stay in kochi.

The next reason is, its a good investment option. People can invest in buying  apartment in kochi and can give the same for rental. With a rental of  3BHK flat or an apartment in kochi one can get a decent income from it.


Preparing Your Apartments For Summer


Of the four temperate seasons , summer is the warmest of them. It fall between spring and autumn. Its the hottest season of them. Since its hot you cant change the weather, but you can prepare your apartment so that the summer wont bother you much.

Inspect your Air Conditioners


In cold seasons you don’t mind them right, they are sitting lazily without working for months. But before its summer you need to check if its working or not. Check if it makes weird noise or if it can blow out cold air correctly. If it has problem immediately call the maintenance crew to fix it up.

Check Your Insulation for windows and doors

Many people think of insulation in winter season. Its equally important to do that for summer season too. There must be cool air inside and hot air outside to keep you comfortable. If you find the insulation is not correct you can call the maintenance department to fix it. You can hang curtains to keep direct sunlight from entering your apartment. You can also use blinds for the same .

Rotation of ceiling fan

For cooling a room the ceiling fan should rotate in counterclockwise direction. This will help the air to move downwards. Creating a wind chill effect will make you feel almost four degrees cooler than the room normally is. If you don’t have a ceiling fan you must definitely get one of them.

Have Plenty of Ice

You need to keep plenty of ice on hand for the summer. You can use your refrigerator to make ice in the old fashion way or you can use your automatic ice maker of your fridge. Drinking an ice cold drink can cool down your body temperature.

luxury apartment - kent mahal

Need For a Luxury Apartment

luxury apartment - kent mahal

Day by day the population is growing tremendously and especially in cities. People are finding difficult to live in cities. The growth in industrialization in cities like kochi had made the young generation to look for opportunities here. Since they are coming from far a place they need a place to settle down. So finding a place to live is a critical problem here. Its difficult to finalize a place which demands space, privacy, security and an easy access to their workplace or office. This leads to renting a luxury apartment.

Having a space for your in someones life is like achieving a big dream. But its not economically practical so renting an apartment is the only option so they choose it. While choosing an apartment we have to feel the comfort of living in it. The basic apartments lack the comfort facilities. It might not be suitable for you. This leads to renting a luxury apartments. You need to make sure that the comfort suits you without compromising the budget.

 Here are some factors that you might consider


Make sure that the apartment provides you the security you need to have. They must provide you with camera surveillance and including security guards etc.Make sure they maintain a record about who enters the complex other than the residents. Kent constructions offer you luxury apartments with all the security features you need to have.

Freedom and comfort

Most of the luxury apartments lack the freedom and comfort. You need to find a place where you can have freedom  and comfort. Spacious apartments are always good to live in. They have high air flow through them. So consider living in a spacious apartment.

9 Mistakes Made by Renters After Moving to an Apartment

Luxury Flats kochi


If your living arrangements are not permanent you can save your money by just renting an apartment. So what’s next after  you move your boxes to your new apartment. So do you double check that you are getting the best renting experience ? So you could start by just avoiding these common mistakes that people do.

1. Security

Even though you are not the owner of the apartment , the things inside is your own belongings including you. So you got to make sure that all are safe. The first and foremost thing is always lock the doors and also secure  your windows. So you  could just ask your owner to install a peephole so that you could see who is on the door.

2.Over Decoration

You just cant tell how long you will stay in that apartment you just rented. Just don’t over decorate the place . You might never know when you will leave the place. The more thing you do the more you need to box it out.

3.Avoid Permanent Changes

Drilling holes, Painting walls etc are considered to be permanent. So you got to ask permission to do so. These changes cannot be undone. So be careful while you are doing these things.

4.Be Careful

Since you are not the owner of the  apartment you just cant be careless. Treat the apartment like yours. If you drop some stain on the carpet or on the wall it will stay there for long. So Make sure that you are careful.

5.Repair Damages

What will you do if you get a small crack on the window. Will you avoid it ? Yes. Will you avoid it if its your apartment? no !!!. That’s it. Even the little damage can cause you problems in the future.Always remember the proverb-”A stitch in time saves nine !!!”
6. Not Getting Renter’s Insurance

Do you insure your car and your health ?? If so why not for renter’s insurance. Most people don’t care to do it unless its too late.
7.Regular Cleaning
Clean you apartments from time to time. This is very much important and shouldn’t be missed out. Regular cleaning can save you from many diseases for you and your children. So find some time for doing the same.

8.Notify Problems to Owner
Don’t forget to notify the problems in your apartments to the owner. So a simple problem can lead you to a bigger one if you don’t do that in time.

9. Wasting Money on Utilities
So if  you don’t pay attention on wasting money on utilities its a big problem. You are just washing out your hardly earned money. Switch off your bulbs ,fan and air conditioners after use. It could save you from some bills. Energy is so precious so always save energy.

Cheers…. Happy Living  :)

Moving To A New Apartment in Kochi

Moving to a new apartment in kochi


Shifting to a new apartment is not at all a small task. It involves many process which must be handled carefully. Its time consuming and sometimes its worth paying someone else to do the lifting for you.

If you are planning to hire a professional movers, they can do more or even the full task by themselves. You don’t need to worry about anything rather than the cost. A professional moving company can do the task for you in a marvelous way.

The moving cost is calculated depending on many factors. The number of things you move, how far away you are moving and also how much you want them to move. Only after this details are given they can estimate the price for you.

Here we are recommending three options for you

  • Pack it yourself, rent truck separately and hire the movers to do the hauling for you.
  • Pack it yourself and let the moving company to do the rest for you
  • Let the moving company to do all the things for you

Here you can find some moving companies in Kochi