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Moving To A New Apartment in Kochi

Moving to a new apartment in kochi


Shifting to a new apartment is not at all a small task. It involves many process which must be handled carefully. Its time consuming and sometimes its worth paying someone else to do the lifting for you.

If you are planning to hire a professional movers, they can do more or even the full task by themselves. You don’t need to worry about anything rather than the cost. A professional moving company can do the task for you in a marvelous way.

The moving cost is calculated depending on many factors. The number of things you move, how far away you are moving and also how much you want them to move. Only after this details are given they can estimate the price for you.

Here we are recommending three options for you

  • Pack it yourself, rent truck separately and hire the movers to do the hauling for you.
  • Pack it yourself and let the moving company to do the rest for you
  • Let the moving company to do all the things for you

Here you can find some moving companies in Kochi

Tips to Conserve Water in Your Apartments

save water in your Luxury apartments

Water is one of the most  essential substance in our everyday lives. The scarcity of water can lead to the imbalance in environmental life cycle.

You can follow these simple things  to easily save water in your apartment or flat.

  1. Shut off the taps when you brush your teeth.
  2. If you Place a cistern displacement device in  toilet cistern, definitely it will save the amount of water in each flush. Cistern displacement device will get from your water provider.
  3. Use a shorter shower, helps to reduse water usage.
  4. Frequently check any leaks in your  faucets, toilet, water hose bibs and fix them.
  5. If you use full loads in dishwasher and washing machine – this prevent unwanted washes in between.
  6. Water your garden in the early morning and late afternoon will helps to reduce evaporation and  thus save water.
  7. Install a water meter in you apartment.
  8. When you want to replace household items, buy water-efficient taps, washing machines, dish waters,  shower heads, etc.
  9. If  you’re building a new house, or re-doing the plumbing in your apartment, install a grey water system.
  10. Grey water system helps you to re-use the water from your washing machine, sinks, and dishwasher, and for flushing toilets and for watering plants .

Wash fruits and  vegetables in a bowl, not under the tap. If you collect leftover drinking water and water used to rinse vegetables, you can utilize this recycled water to watering your plants .

Repainting your Apartment

People like to see their home or apartments interiors in good colors. There are many ways in which you could do this. Kochi is a place where you could fond beautifully colored apartments and villas. So let us share tips to paint or repaint villas or apartments in an effective way.
The division of colours is mainly into primary, secondary, cold, warm, neutral, plate and strong

Usage of Primary Colors

The primary colours are Red, Blue and Yellow (RBG). They are much capable of reflecting strenth and brightness.The red colour is preffered for a stable person compared to an unstable person because it deepens respiration which cause headache. For a living room or kitchen you could use intense shades of red colour.
The yellow colour can improve concentration, alertness and explore your thinking power. Lobbys and corridors could be painted by various shades of yellow colours.
The Blue clour  and its different shades could be used in bedrooms. It makes our mind pleasent.

Usage of Secondary Colors

The colours which are made by the mixing of two or more primary colours are called secondary colours. Yellow and Red are mixed together to form orange colour which is suitable for painting the halls and living rooms.

Warm and cold colors

Red, Yellow, Brown, Orange contribute to warm colors.
Blue, Purple, Green  Contribute to cold colors.
The color green provides a positive effect to our mind. It can help us reduce our depression.

Kent Baywatch- Luxury Apartment in Kochi

apartments in kochi


Kent brings you yet another luxury  apartment in kochi , “The Kent Baywatch Suites” available for short-term and long-term stays. Kent  Baywatch is lavish and affordable choice for leisure and business class including families and groups. The benefits of a hotel like in-room service-on-call ,24 hour front desk, entertainment facilities , delicious cuisines will be available for the new kent Baywatch suites.

Baywatch brings watery realms of endless possibilities – boating,swimming,fishing,backwater cruising and other boat related activities.The boat jetty is not only for curious sailors. Kent’s aim is to provide an awesome  boating environment for the residents. The boat jetty can also be use for fishing, relaxation, private boat parking or moorings.